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The Fawn and its Huntsman

I was staring at the trees. Their branches swinging in the wind, as they bent left and then right again. I could feel the slight breeze making my hair fall into my face, too. The sun was shining, its dainty rays made me feel comfortable. They could enter the forest only there where I was laying, in the high grass of a small glade. A river ran by. I enjoyed listening to its gurgling, as if nature wanted to give me a place to rest, exactly what I needed. I watched the birds flying eights in the sky for quite a long time, when slowly clouds started to appear.

They dispelled the faint spring sun and suddenly I felt cool. The wind was intensifying causing the leaves to swing in the wind hectically. Also the birds had vanished. Suddenly I realized that I was utterly alone which made me sensate nervousness. I had wanted to be alone when I got here … but not that alone.

Then I could hear a crinkle. I sat up quickly and turned around, it had only been a squirrel trying to get onto the nearest tree as fast as possible. I told myself to lay down again and to relax a little more. But just when I had closed my eyes and considered how long I could still lie here in peace, I perceived a shot not far away. Immediately afterwards a loud cry of pain followed. That was my sign to rapidly disappear as I knew that someone had come for me. So I got up and started to run…

Image: foto/natur-blumen-sonne-gras-60006/CCO licence

Please leave a comment telling your sequel of the story, I’d be very interested in the secrets you reveal!


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  1. G’day Sophie,
    A very descriptive piece of writing! It wasn’t until the last paragraph that I realized it was an animal being the main character.

  2. chickinator

    According to my oppinion the main character actually is a human, but I thought that the title would still suit perfectly as all of this is about the feelings and I imagine that animals as well as humans would propably perceive the same in such a situation.

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