Imagine there was a way of stopping global warming; imagine that a type of energy harnessing could convert the heat stored in our oceans into electricity; imagine what would happen if we were the ones to decide about our climate. In theory this idea is only pretty close to possibly saving our planet.

This is how it could work: As physics class taught us heat is only another form of energy. It is the kinetic energy carried by any atom which is swinging in place more intense the warmer it gets. Now look at our oceans constantly being constantly heated up by sunrays that can only hardly leave our atmosphere due to the greenhouse gases blocking them off. The potential of energy they contain is enormous. If we then only used this capacity like we do it anywhere else with either a dynamo powering your bikes light at the usage of a circular movement or like with a pressure system as done in wave energy converters to power a turbine just in a much smaller way on a larger scale, we would be able to cool the seas by harnessing electricity. Therefore less fossil fuels would have to be burned and the temperature of our planet could be controlled.

All of our ecosystems, fauna as well as flora, could be preserved. Coral reefs especially suffering from only slightly higher water temperatures as well as all other marine life and that on land could be preserved. Also the formation of destructive hurricanes which are in need of warm ocean currents could be prevented, however probably most important of all; polar caps would be able to enlarge their size again saving vast coastal areas from drowning.

Yet, that type of energy harnessing still is dangerous to a greater extent than we might imaging as if the control over those power plants fell upon the wrong ones the potential damage is devastating. Corrupt politicians could take advantage of their position as it would be a matter of pressing the correct button to make our globe drown in order to valorize the land that is still available and sell it to those who can afford. But also into the other direction harm can be caused. If our earth was cooled down too much making all our crops be destroyed by frost, expensive artificial food would be the only way those who have the financial liquidity could survive. So only imagine what would happen if the power arose upon those who misused it.

After all, energy gaining could redevelop on a new scale by using the oceans heat to produce electricity instead of combusting fossil fuels releasing even more greenhouse gases that would even encourage that vicious circle of destroying our planet. It would be a way to save all of it, however, if used wrongly it could also turn into a money-driven disaster. In this sense, would it really be reasonable to make people be able to control their climate?

Images: Save the Planet (CC2 license); Earth on Fire (CC0 license); Ocean (CC2 license)