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Regulating Freedom of Speech

“Voicing your opinion is important!” is what you hear especially when it comes to elections, “It is your basic right to say what you think” is what you are taught in school. Yet, when looking at reality we notice that we must not use a vast variety of words to actually express ourselves, and neither are we allowed to offend other people if necessary to point out mistakes. So how free is our freedom of speech really?


Examples of American colleges show how bad the situation truly has become. Students are told which words to use and what to say at the school grounds. Free-speech-zones are existent at most campuses, however they usually only take up areas of about 1-2% of it.

Another demonstration for the limitation we are facing nowadays, which also includes many parts of political correctness, is that many titles as well as the content of numerous pieces of literature, music or games had to be changed because they contain words as for instance “nigger”. Yet, as the fantasy novel “Harry Potter” shows with the usage of the name “Voldemord”, restraining from utilizing a word only makes it more fearful and gives more power to it.

Therefore, after having gone through all the mentioned issues about our freedom of speech the main question whether we actually are allowed to use the language we want to express ourselves with, but most significant of all also to criticize people, as this is the only way change can be brought along, arises. Looking back to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, changes are needed as only the best adapted can survive. So why should we make life comfortable for the weak ones who are not capable of sustaining themselves, but are slowing down the process of change at the cost everybody else when nature would have already dropped them? Still our twisted society keeps on dragging them along, but for how long can this continue?


People fought for our right to say what we want which seems to vanish so quickly in some parts of the world, we should not take it for granted. So if we had to decide for all or nothing, I’d go for no rules concerning freedom of speech rather than having every word you voice aloud doublechecked, no matter whether religious, socio-critical or any other aspects alike have to be faced. There is only one thing that should  forbidden – the telling of lies.


Add. 1: Looking at my home country Austria in specific, I feel like the influence of media obtains a very significant role. When voicing an opinion which does not accord to the journalists’ ideas you are “marked” as either Communist or Nazi and have several status-destroying articles written about you. Therefore, saying what you really think is impossible when you are not willing to risk what you have, even though the new image media is giving you might not be true.

Add. 2: Also this text had to be censured not to upset anybody reading this text from any part of this world too severely.

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  1. Forestdweller

    In what way do you self censor you thoughts and in which situations do you find yourself having to do it?

    I would also be curious about the type of cause for which you would throw overboard all caution and state your opinion no matter what. When do you think risking your status and even livelihood is worth it, and have you felt yourself in such a position yet?

    • chickinator

      Somehow I feel like I have to censor every word I voice. I am not very glibly and therefore when I am discussing with some mates I am not capable of fully defending my view of the world. So instead of having everybody think I represent an unelaborate opinion I rather hold back what I think and go with the flow to not get into any difficulties.
      I feel like I fully express my thoughts when talking to my closest friends or family members, when I have the impression I don’t have to justify myself without actually being properly listened to as it usually is the case with most other people. Often, I have inner discussions with myself, thinking about the possible outturns of my opinion spoken aloud and I over and over again find myself not rating the issue as important enough to risk anything. That mostly happens concerning political questions as well as others that are not directly affecting me, yet the closer they are to my family, my friends and me, the less sensible I become. Still, when I think about it clearly no explicit example come to my mind.

  2. nicicthegreat

    I agree with you stating that criticism should be allowed and lies should be banned – totally my point. Unfortunately I contradict you in your comparison to the theory of evolution since the reason why terms are banned is not due to criticism but rather unreasonable prejudice. You virtually suggest that our society should drop and eliminate minorities like black or gay people as they are the the group you described as weak. However minority does not equal weak. Still I know what you meant with this paragraph and thus I would like you to consider that our society also needs cleaning ladies and builders without a proper education who hence also contribute to human progress. All in all an interesting essay you wote.

    • chickinator

      I don’t suggest that cleaning ladies or construction workers, explicitly, are the weak ones. According to my opinion, especially those who can’t express themselves due to language but also because of communicational difficulties can be called weak – not intending to offend any black or gay people as they could also be best integrated into society. It only appears to me that those minorities are most likely to be affected by anything that we’d think of as weak.

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